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Mushroom Farm

Segura & Sons Mushroom Farm is located in the heart of Stevens Point. Being as resourceful as possible, we built our mushroom fruiting chamber within an empty room in our basement. Simple controls of temperature, humidity, light, and air exchange (like us, mushrooms breath in oxygen and produce CO2) has enabled us to provide a steady, year-round harvest of fresh mushrooms.

meet the men behind the mushrooms.


Jerome, the Segura; Duncan and Emeric are the Sons. Together we form the agricultural cooperative Segura & Sons Mushroom Farm. We curate a unique collection of wood loving mushroom cultures.

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We're always interested in partnering with other local businesses. Interested in serving or selling our mushrooms? Let us know by completing our interest form.

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Keep up with our process, us, and our growing business. We take a personal approach to social media and we hope you enjoy getting to know us as a family, as well as our process. 

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