A beautiful mushroom for soups or to saute with butter.​

FLAVORS: Intense mushroom flavor. Meaty texture. 

Each $5 bag has ~6-7 ounces.

The Blue Oyster mushroom has a high protein content, several B vitamins, and all of the essential amino acids (Marley, 2009). Its medicinal benefits include promoting anti-tumor activity and lowering high cholesterol. Oyster mushroom fruiting bodies and distillations have been shown to reduce tumor size in several studies on mice, rats, and hamsters (Hobbs, 1995). Additionally, Oyster mushrooms have been used in the Czech Republic as the main ingredient in a dietary supplement used to treat high cholesterol (Hobbs, 1995). Studies in animals have shown that a diet of Oyster mushrooms reduced the development of plaque in major arteries (Bobek et al., 1995).